Dear friends,
We send you a cordial welcome as you have chosen our beautiful village and hotel for your holidays. From July 10th, we look forward to welcoming you for carefree and demanding accommodation. Based on state and international guidelines and recommendations, Hotel Cariatis has obtained the Health First certificate for the 2020 season.

The special measures we have implemented for this year include:

• Our staff is fully covid-19 trained and has been extensively practiced how to welcome and serve you safely.
• We have introduced a new check-in and check-out times at 15:00 and 11:00 respectively, so that there is time for extensive disinfection and steam cleaning of rooms between departure and new arrival.
• Regularly disinfect exposed surfaces, such as handles, handrails, knobs, card terminals and elevator buttons.
• We provide liquid hand sanitizer in all areas of the hotel.
• We make sure that you have a carefree time and we hope that you always be healthy.
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